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We are here to make your busines grow, your event successful and your marketing achieve results. Effective planning brings the right amount of success.  Using advertising and media, PR and publicity, promotions, events and community efforts, web sites and/or social media, or sales effectively is all about careful analysis, targeting and planning. Let us analyze your purpose and craft the best strategy for your goals using your budget, your target, and our expertise. As business consultants first, we will not use your money  until we agree you are ready and the budget is perfect for the objectives in place.

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What makes a great web page?

The real key to an effective website is content and usability especially for search engines. Does your website provide customers with what they need? Is information readily accessible and organized in a logical way? Do you give them one small (free) useful tidbit that will benefit them and, hopefully, want  for more? Do you have narrow direction so that you are found in the first three pages from a search or do you wind up on page ten or later? Do you offer up your content or make users dig for it? Is it pertinent and relevant? Let us help you target with your website.  Call today (210) 590-8095 for a consultation.

You think advertising does not work and it costs too much?

WRONG... All advertising works, guaranteed! If you direct the "RIGHT" message to the "RIGHT" target audience with the "RIGHT" amount of consistency and repetition to call that audience to action, you will receive results. Set realistic expectations for your commitment. This "RIGHT" advertising process takes experience, training, knowledge and insight.  Please call us today (210) 590-8095 and allow us to walk you through this procedure and help you create advertising that does work.

Marketing - What exactly is it?

It is the organizational process for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. Simply put, moving people to consider you.

To create effective marketing efficiently, time in analysis should be spent reviewing your companies goals, defining and refining your target audience, reviewing your products (services) and your competition, analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then and only then, preparing a sound strategy, plan and budget that will produce results.

Marketing includes so much more than just the advertising. Sales, social media, PR and promotions are just a few of the compenents that must be considered and refined.

Please call today (210) 590-8095 and let us facilitate this process for your success.

Public Relations

Do you really have a product, service, message or cause that will elicit public concern and thus becomes worthy of Media coverage?  Real public relations may not require an advertising budget but the time and effort that are mandatory to evaluate public attitudes and identify those significant attributes that can shape your company's image and can press notoriaty can be overwhelming. Call us today and we will help detemine if Public Relations versus advertising is the correct marketing avenue to take. (210) 590-8095

Successful Events

Ever wonder how big fundraisers make so much money for the cause? It is all about the planning. Be sure your event planner carefully plans out all the extensive details of the Who, What, When, Why, Where and then the How will fall into place. From the most romantic and blessed wedding, to a grand company party and the most intensive retreat, business meeting or grand fundraiser for a great cause, it IS all about preplanning. We can do that for you.

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