About Dixieland

    All business needs effective marketing to grow but exactly what does that mean for you. . Large businesses hire an ad agency, a creative firm, a media buying service, a business consultant and a technology expert to work together toward the goal of growth. Small businesses usually can't even afford one. Let Dixieland analyze your business operations, define what is needed for your growth, and facilitate effective growth plans for you within a reasonable budget for your business.

    The mission of DixieLand is to help you accomplish your goals through effective and efficient marketing efforts and detailed plans that speak to your needs.  The vision of DixieLand is that we will grow consistently as we develop client partnerships and share in your success. We believe that success breeds success and that a full service marketing firm should always keep your needs first and foremost as our objective. We have the experience and the passion to share with you.

   Success speaks for itself but it can speak to your success also.

    We have created award winning marketing, advertising, PR campaigns and  extraordinary special events for our clients. It is all in the planning.

    It is also important to relate to you the basis for sound media development as it comes from the inside out having spent many years working for and with many media organizations.

     DixieLand believes in giving back to the community that gives to us and actively participates through volunteering and donations to many local non profit and humanitarian organizations. We encourage all of our associates to be community givers.