Texas is the state to be in. The lowest umemployment, the hottest real estate and growth markets. People are lining up to move to our fair state. Businesses are getting here as fast as they can. And if you are lucky enough to be in south/southcentrol (San Antonio and surrounding areas) the positive outlook is phenomenal. And yet this sleeping giant has managed to hold on to its small town values. Don't take this growth for granted, plan to market your business or you will lose.


So you have to have a web site now, yea you do.  So you are being bombarded with ads when you are on line, when you are on your phone or blackberry, when you are driving around town, and on and on.  Yes, there are many more options to advertising your business and many more ways to promote but don't think your business will grow in a city of 1 1/2 million people and all the competition without advertising, simply be smart about your placement, direction and budget. And let DixieLand help you do just that.


Long considered a way to build business, but often a misunderstood aspect of business. Networking is an absolutely positive way to become seen, heard and known but seldom is it an immediate fix for business development.

When considering organizations to join, plan to be participative rather than just a silent member.  Join organizations that you feel can benefit from you as much as you can benefit from them.

San Antonio Ad Fed - local chapter of the national Advertising Federation

Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce - largest and oldest new business supporter

AMA- local chapter of national American Marketing Association

NAWBO-local chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners

SMWVBE - Small, Minority. Women and Veteran Owned Business Enterprise program - Economic Development and link to all agencies and organizations that complywith government regulations.



This has become a requirement for business, not just a fun activity.  Let us help you understand the dos and don'ts for these services while they are still free.  All media started out free.